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"Every child deserves a loving and permanent family."


The Liaison Service of KBF is primarily assistive to the Inter-country Adoption Board (ICAB) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). It’s main focus is on facilitating the placement of Filipino children with prospective adoptive families of KBF’s associate Foreign Adoption Agencies (FAAs), in coordination with child caring and child placement agencies in the Philippines and the ICAB.

The FAAs for which KBF currently provides liaison services are:

bullet  Holt International Children’s Service – USA
bullet  Wereldkinderen – The Netherlands
bullet  Amis des Enfants du Monde – France
bullet  Sourires d’Enfants – Belgium


Rationale of the Service

It is the birth right of every child to grow up in a home and family. If a child is permanently separated from his/her birth family, adoption within his/her home country is the most appropriate alternative arrangement. However, if the child is not adopted within the country, inter-country adoption is the next alternative.

Inter-country adoption is the permanent placement of a Filipino child with a foreign adoptive family through an accredited adoption agency and the Philippine Government. KBF’s Liaison Service thus contributes to this task of finding permanent overseas homes for children who are not adopted locally.

This service is based on adherence to the principle of the best interest and welfare of the child-in the context of inter-country adoption. Emphasis is given to his/her mental, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. Hence, the soonest possible placement of the child in a permanent family is sought in order to prevent institutionalization and to minimize the trauma of repeated transfers from one care venue to another.


Legal Basis

Article 21 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – state parties that recognize and/or permit the system of adoption shall ensure that the best interest of the child shall be the paramount consideration.

It also recognizes that inter-country adoption may be considered an alternative means of child care, if the child cannot be placed in a foster home or adopted locally.

Presidential Decree 603, The Child and Youth Welfare Code
– This serves as a framework for the promotion and protection of the Welfare of Filipino Children.

Republic Act 8043, The Inter-country Adoption Law
– An act establishing the rules to govern inter-country adoption of Filipino children, and for other purposes.

Article 11, Section 4 states that the Inter-country Adoption Board (ICAB) acts as the central authority in matters relating to inter-country adoption. Likewise, the DSWD, through the ICAB, shares the responsibilities of placing children in inter-country adoption with the licensed and accredited child caring/child placement non-government organizations (NGOs).


Description of the Service

KBF’s Liaison Service facilitates the following types of inter-country adoption placement:

bullet  Regular Adoption – placement of a child with a prospective adoptive family which has no prior knowledge of or connection with the child.
bullet  Relative/Known Child Adoption – the child being sought for adoption is related or known to the prospective adoptive family.
bullet  Special Needs Adoption – placement of children who are considered hard to place, such as older children (7 years old and above),
    sibling groups of 3 or more, or children with some form of physical or mental disability. Adoptive families for such children are specially recruited or identified.


Specific Objectives of the Service

bullet  To assist the ICAB and the associate Foreign Adoption Agencies (FAAs) in expediting the adoptive placement of children with their
    prospective families abroad.
bullet  To facilitate efficient and effective communication between the associate FAAs and the ICAB.
bullet  To assist the ICAB and the associate FAAs in monitoring the placement of children until their adoption is legalized in the country in which
    the adoptive child is placed.
bullet  To assist older adoptive children in tracing their Philippine roots.


Implementing Guidelines

For the full guidelines of the inter-country adoption process – particularly for foreign nationals (including former Filipino citizens) seeking to adopt a Filipino child – KBF will direct you to the proper entities handling such matters.


For more information, contact KBF at:

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